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Ericsson LG LIP-8012D

Item Code: LIP8012d
Price:  $59.99

Ericsson LG LIP-8012D

Item Code: LIP8012d
Price:  $59.99
Sorry, this item isn't presently available for purchase
LG Ericsson LIP-8012D Phone 

The LG Ericsson LIP-8012D phone is the standard handset in the LG Ericsson LIP 8000 IP phone series, is easy to use, and offers gigabit connectivity on your network for the type of speeds that help deliver the ultimate call quality on IP networks.

The LG Ericsson LIP 8012D phone key strength its ease of use, thanks to the 12 programmable buttons. These let a user tailor the handset to their individual needs and the buttons can be programmed to highlight the status of:

  • Incoming phone lines (ideal for smaller companies that are used to this)
  • Critical speed dial numbers (outside of the system speed dial bin)
  • Staff so you can visually see who is free/ busy with the multicolour LED indicators.

All these functions can be activated with a single touch. For example, if you answer a call and want to transfer it to another person just look for their name and see the status of the LED light.