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iPECS-ES Switches





Today, SMBs face the challenge of managing the growing complexity of IT solutions with limited budgets and resources, however, they have to operate in the same business environment competing against larger enterprises. The iPECS Ethernet Switch families deliver an optimized solution and are designed to be simpler to install, smarter to manage, highly reliable and affordable.

Portfolio Products


The Ericsson-LG iPECS ES-2000/2000G is a family of Layer 2 advanced smart switches optimized for SMBs looking for reliable and cost effective layer 2 workgroup switches along with key switching features. These simple to install and easy to manage switches enable administrators to quickly and easily build the networks at an affordable cost.



The Ericsson-LG iPECS ES-3000/3000G is a family of fully managed Layer 2 switches that support enterprise-class Layer 2 switching features including advanced QoS, security and simplified and intuitive management features. These switches allow network administrators to build a high performing robust network affordably.



The Ericsson-LG iPECS ES-4526G/ES-4550G is a feature-rich 10/100/1000BASE-T stackable IPv6 L3 managed switch with optional 10G uplinks. This gigabit workgroup aggregator switch is designed to handle high bandwidth applications and capable of reaching up to 176Gbps with a non-blocking switching architecture. The switch family includes IPv6 routing and management capabilities, enabling the transition to next generation networks. Supporting up to 8 units in a stack gives a wider range of high port density.

Features & Benefits


Easy to Install

The iPECS Ethernet Switches have plug and play capabilities such as Auto-negotiation of speed and duplex mode, Auto-MDI / MDIX, at-a-glance intuitive statusLEDs right on top of the ports. And also its intuitive web user interface makes the installation and administration much easier.


Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)

Prioritization of the data on the network is essential in order to ensure that mission critical applications such as voice are delivered in a timely manner. The iPECS Ethernet Switches are able to classify packets into different priority queues and deliver each packet in the priority queues using WRR (Weighted Round Robin) or SPQ (Strict Priority Queuing) method.


Flexible Power over Ethernet (POE models only)

The Ericsson-LG iPECS Ethernet POE switches are designed to support both 802.3af and 802.3at standard POE. Therefore, SMBs can flexibly and cost effectively connects to standard and high powered devices on a single Ericsson-LG POE switch. In addition, the PoE control and monitoring can be easily managed via the intuitive web user interface.


Green Ethernet (Gigabit models only)

iPECS Ethernet Switches incorporate the latest green Ethernet technology to help you save energy costs. The switches use either Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) or are able to detect link status and cable length allowing each port to dynamically configure providing maximum power efficiency.


Secure Networking

iPECS Ethernet Switches support key security features like RADIUS authentication and authorization as well as multi-layer filtering. The web management sessions can be secured with HTTPS encryption.


Smart Management using UDM

Ericsson-LG offers a unique management tool, the Unified Device Manager (iPECS UDM) enables the management of all iPECS product lines from IP Telephony to Data Networking via a single management interface. iPECS UDM simplifies network administration and management through the use of a single consistent and familiar interface.System / switch device registration using Site Profile.

  • Device parameters & inventory information
  • Web admin interface
  • Telnet / serial command line interface (ES-3000 only)
  • Device / port info & traffic monitoring using SNMP
  • Ping / traceroute test
  • Windows layout control & excel report export


Ethernet Switches

The importance of Ethernet switches cannot be neglected. Ethernet switches and power over Ethernet adapter are the backbone of an advanced congregated enterprise. Power over Ethernet or POE switches features wire speed and multicast speed. Poe injectors enable VOIP, video services and flow of critical data. Therefore, they are extremely important for an organization.


Aria Technologies is a reckoned name when it comes to wireless network switches like Ethernet switches, POE switches and wireless network switches. Aria technologies provide technologically advanced networking solution for wide variety of organizational needs. Our Poe switches, Poe injectors, Ethernet over power adapters and other network switches are reliable, affordable with simple commercial security, storage and switching. We are known for delivering best hardware equipments in Australia.

Power over Ethernet injectors allows power to flow from Ethernet cables to various devices connected to it. Power over Ethernet switches allows power to flow to various devices at one time, and that’s why they have to be of superior quality as faulty and cheap power over Ethernet injectors might damage the devices connected to it.


Aria Technologies offer the best quality Ethernet switches, Ethernet adaptors and power over Ethernet injectors to ensure that power flows correctly to the devices attached to them and that no harm is caused to these devices as they are not only expensive, but are extremely important for the uninterrupted functioning of the organization. Expensive devices can be replaced in future but data lost due to breakdown may not be recoverable. Therefore, these switches become extremely important for an organization.

Aria Technologies has been successful in creating repeated patronage from clients year after year. We keep up with our promise of providing quality Ethernet switches and network switches to our client along with superior support.