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Ericsson LG LDP-7016

Item Code: LDP7016
Price:  $69.99

Ericsson LG LDP-7016

Item Code: LDP7016
Price:  $69.99
Sorry, this item isn't presently available for purchase
Ericsson LG LDP-7016 Digital Executive Model

The LDP-7016 phone is an executive model phone handset that employs navigation keys and a menu system to utilise more complex phone features. Part of its simplicity comes from the 16 programmable keys that can be tailored to suit the user. These buttons can be used to identify which staff are on the phone and which are free, configured as speed dials or to show what lines are currently in use.

It's worth spending the extra on an LDP-7016 or LDP-7024 handsets if you:

  • Have more than 8 staff
  • Don't have a dedicated receptionist
  • Have separate department managers
  • Like more programmable buttons